New Dashboard Launched

By Martin Williams
Published on January 16, 2020
New Dashboard Launched

We've developed an all-new dashboard that comes with a new look! You'll benefit from better usability and many small improvements. The new dashboard offers excellent performance and better workflows. This will allow you to manage your Zones more efficiently. With the new dashboard, we can ensure improved responsiveness for tablets and mobile phones. Our Image Processing service now better integrates into the new dashboard and is easier to use.

New features in the dashboard

The newly developed dashboard comes with lots of features:

  • All graphs in a new design.
  • Better performance and faster loading times.
  • More details available as mouseover.
  • Additional security measures.
  • Image Processing natively integrated into the Zone administration.
  • Better Zone management.
  • Documentation and support neatly integrated.
  • KeyCDN status in the dashboard.
  • Improved responsiveness for tablets and mobile phones.

How you will benefit from the new dashboard

The new dashboard not only comes with a better layout and updated graphs, it will also improve the way you manage your Zones. The screenshot below shows the newly designed graphs.

In the reporting sections, we've updated the pie and bar charts for better readability.


Beside the new layout, the dashboard comes with a number of improvements that will make it more efficient to manage the CDN. Additional services such as Image Processing are better integrated than before. We've worked hard to improve workflows and make information available right where you need it. Additional security measures make the dashboard even more secure. If you have any feedback or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact us.

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