Logentries - Exporting your CDN Logs

By Martin Williams
Updated on April 20, 2017
Logentries - Exporting your CDN Logs

KeyCDN exports your raw logs in real-time as syslog messages over UDP. Normally this implies that you could receive such messages with a syslog server. Setting up a syslog server requires an additional effort to implement and to maintain such a system. There is an excellent service which simplifies the implementation and eliminates the maintenance cost in order to receive the raw logs. Logentries.com is a software as a service (SaaS) for log management.

How to export CDN logs to Logentries

  1. Create an account at Logentries.
  2. Add a new log.
  3. Select the manual configuration.
  4. Specify the following details and click on Create Log Token.
  5. Configure the received token information in the KeyCDN dashboard under Account > General > Log Forwarding. Be sure to also define the Destination Server as data.logentries.com and set the Destination Port to 514.

We will then forward the raw logs to the configured destination. The CDN logs will be transmitted in real-time to one of the Logentries syslog server. The CDN logs format is documented in our knowledge base. Logentries allows you to filter and run live tails on your logs. Tags are very useful to apply filters or create graphical widgets.

Tag examples

Graphs examples

The setup to receive KeyCDNs raw logs is straightforward and quickly done.

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