KeyCDN Tools - Analyze Website Speed and Performance

By Martin Williams
Updated on January 28, 2020
KeyCDN Tools - Analyze Website Speed and Performance

KeyCDN Tools provide you a set of online checks to analyze your website or identify connectivity issues. The tools simplify the problem resolution process of your web projects. This article describes KeyCDN Tools in more detail and shows how you can benefit from them.


Here are some of the free web tools available that can be used:

  • Website Speed Test: Full page speed check to test how fast your website is loading from different locations.
  • IP Location Finder: Provides all geographically related information for a given IP or hostname.
  • HTTP Header Checker: Simply provides the details of the HTTP response headers. This also allows you to test the X-Pull configuration on your origin server.
  • Network checks: Multiple network tests can be perofrmed, such as DNS queries, ping, and traceroute.
  • Security checks: Multiple network tests can be performed, such as SSL FREAK attack tester and SSL decoder, to verify if chain issues exist.

Full page speed check

The Website Speed Test tool helps you to analyze website related loading or performance issues. It offers a detailed waterfall breakdown of all assets loaded by the initial website. You can choose from 14 various locations to run the website speed test.

Geo location check

The IP Location Finder tool gives you a deep geographical insight of any IP or hostname. Country, city, region, and postal code are just some of the available details. You will also find the actual local time where the IP address is located. Our geo location database will be updated on a weekly basis to provide accurate information.

HTTP response headers check

The HTTP Header Checker tool can be used to check the response headers of any tested URL. It can be used to verify whether or not your hotlink protection is configured correctly by adding any HTTP referrer value. Furthermore, any X-Pull value can be added to check if your configuration with this request header is setup correctly. The result is the full HTTP response header of a HEAD request performed with curl in the background.

Global traceroute

The Traceroute Test tool performs a trace from all 14 test locations in parallel to give you the best overview of how your destination is reachable. This lets you quickly determine if there is any packet loss or unexpected latency to the given IP or hostname.

We are looking to your feedback. Just let us know if we should extend our online checks. It is a pleasure for us to create more valuable web tools for you.

Happy testing!

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