KeyCDN Now Part of the Cedexis Radar

KeyCDN and Cedexis

KeyCDN has been added this week to the Cedexis Radar. We’re excited to compete against the best CDNs worldwide on a mission to make the web faster and more secure. The reports are publicly available on a daily basis.  

Transparency is important to us. That starts with our very transparent pricing model. It goes on with our free trial account where new customers can test all our features before even thinking about a payment. Now, we also bring more transparency into performance. Cedexis reports are an objective and independent source for performance in a real-world environment. KeyCDN’s integration with Cedexis also includes Cedexis Fusion, making it straightforward for businesses to implement multi-CDN strategies for improved performance and cost savings.

Using Cedexis benchmarks

It’s important for us and our customers to get a holistic and objective view about performance and that’s where Cedexis comes into play. Measuring performance of a POP from one location can be useful but it’s not always the whole picture, it’s a snapshot. In order to get a broader picture, Cedexis reports can provide interesting information such as:

  • How was performance over time among various CDNs
  • How is KeyCDN performing in certain countries and regions.
  • KeyCDN performance in certain ASNs (available in the private dashboard)
  • Geographic performance of client IP vs resolver IP (available in the private dashboard)

Performance reports per country

Cedexis maintains two different CDN benchmarks per country on a daily basis:

  • CDN Response Time: This benchmark shows the HTTP response time from end users to the CDN. The response time is based on HTTP (TCP), it’s similar to a ping (ICMP).
  • CDN 100KB Throughput: In addition to measuring the response time, Cedexis is also measuring the throughput of a 100KB file from the CDN to the end users.
Cedexis Radar measuring KeyCDN

Cedexis Radar showing response time of KeyCDN

About Cedexis

Founded in 2009, Cedexis has specialised on benchmarking web performance and offering load-balancing solutions based on other services such as KeyCDN.

How does Cedexis gather the data and what’s the basis for the reports? In order to measure performance of end users, Cedexis is embedding a small JavaScript file among different websites. While users are visiting web sites, the JS file is executed and the 100KB file is downloaded in the background.

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