Google PageSpeed Alternative Services

By Gary Witt
Updated on September 13, 2018
Google PageSpeed Alternative Services

Google announced the turndown of their PageSpeed service and now is the time to look into alternative solutions. There are 2 reasonable alternatives to the PageSpeed service.

After 4.5 years of service, the PageSpeed Service team regretfully decided that the time had come to re-focus their efforts elsewhere and on 5th May announced that PageSpeed Service will be turned down. If you are using PageSpeed Service, you must change your DNS before 3rd August 2015 or your site(s) will become completely unavailable on that date.” (Google)

The 2 options are either to install the PageSpeed module on your server or to use a task automation system that does the optimization for you.

PageSpeed module for your origin server

Server side modules of PageSpeed are available for many common web servers. Installing the appropriate module on your origin server allows you to utilize the full feature set of PageSpeed.

  • Apache: The module mod_pagespeed is a pre-built binary for Apache 2.2 and 2.4.
  • Nginx: There is a plugin but it needs to be compiled from the source. Here the instructions: PageSpeed plugin for Nginx
  • IIS: A commercial port of PageSpeed is available for Microsoft’s IIS web server. Check here for more details:
  • Apache Traffic Server: A port is available. More details here:
  • OpenLiteSpeed: There is a module that can be compiled and loaded into your web server. Learn more about it: PageSpeed module for OpenLiteSpeed.

Minify your assets with a task runner

We recommend that you use Grunt or Gulp to minify and compress your assets when you actually build your web project. Grunt and Gulp are great task automation systems that differentiate mainly in their semantic.

  • Grunt: Configuration based approach
  • Gulp: Stream based task system

Grunt plugins

The following Grunt plugins are helping you to compress and minify your assets:

There is even a nice plugin called grunt-pagespeed to get the PageSpeed insight. Not familiar with Grunt? Check this getting started guide.

Gulp plugins

The following collection of plugins will support you to minify and optimize your content:

Never used Gulp before? This getting started guide is helpful.

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