CDN Traffic - How Is Your Traffic Charged?

By Peter Meier
Updated on June 6, 2017
CDN Traffic - How Is Your Traffic Charged?

KeyCDN uses a credit system, which introduces a higher level of abstraction and allows to deduct credits for provided services, respectively the CDN traffic. The following services are subject to be charged against the credit balance:

  • Transferred data from the KeyCDN edge locations
  • Storage hosted by KeyCDN (applies only to Push Zones)

You can buy credits with these payment option: PayPal and credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). Traffic is billed in near real time and can be monitored in the KeyCDN dashboard.

What kind of traffic is not going to be charged?

  • Downloads from the origin server will not be charged.
  • Push upload and distribution to the KeyCDN POPs are free of charge.

KeyCDN offers a pure pay as you go pricing model. We will not charge any overage fees. Most of our features a free of charge, such as Custom SSL, Brotli, or Let’s Encrypt SSL. Please contact us if you expect to transfer a larger amount of traffic. Our pricing gets even lower with increasing traffic volume transferred.

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