CDN Analytics: The Next Level of Reporting

By Sven Baumgartner
Updated on March 21, 2018
CDN Analytics: The Next Level of Reporting

We are excited to announce that our next generation analytics platform is fully in production now. Many new statistics are available in the dashboard. Such as General Analytics, Real-time Stats, Live Tail and more. The new CDN analytics give you more insights on your traffic pattern.

General analytics

The analytics section under the reporting tab of the KeyCDN dashboard provides detailed information regarding HTTP and cache statuses and also breaks down assets by file type and size. You can even drill down into a single Zone or select a date range to display a greater timeline of data.

Real-time stats

Monitor your utilization in real time and get immediate feedback on how we are delivering your content. The following stats are available:

  • Traffic per second (Mb/s)
  • Requests per second
  • Cache Hit Ratio in %

Live tail

The real-time logs allow you to instantly analyze your traffic. You just could tail on all your traffic or define filters in JSON format. Get even more details by clicking on the details button.

We are looking for your feedback! Please drop us a short email if you need more stats.

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