Analyze Your CDN Raw Logs in Real Time

By Martin Williams
Updated on March 21, 2018
Analyze Your CDN Raw Logs in Real Time

Analyze your CDN raw logs in real time in the KeyCDN dashboard. The new feature allows you to run a live tail on your raw logs. It is also possible to define custom filters to drill down on your traffic pattern. This could be very helpful to identify broken links (Status: 404) or if your content has been cached (Cache: HIT).

All the log data of our globally distributed edge servers are processed in real time by our new logging platform. The new logging platform has been built on a NoSQL cluster to be highly scalable and to deliver real-time queries in milliseconds.

CDN raw logs in the KeyCDN dashboard

Navigate to Reporting > Real-time Logs to get started. Enter a filter or leave it empty to receive all log data. We used a filter in the following example to only get traffic in the Zone cloudharmony with the cache status HIT:


CDN raw logs filtering

Click on the filter symbol to learn more about the filter possibilities.

CDN raw logs details

It is required to stop the live tail to see the log details. The detail view gives you the CDN raw log entry. The view is divided into 3 main parts (CDN, Request and Client Location). CDN related details such as Zone, cache status, POP and bytes delivered. Request include all details about the HTTP request itself. Client Location highlight all geolocation details of the request.

The new logging platform allows us to introduce more real-time CDN statistics very soon and gives more insights on your traffic. The real-time analytics will allow you to determine faster what is going on in your CDN Zone.

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