5 Simple Steps to Configure Your CDN

Never used a content delivery network before? Are you looking for best practice to configure a simple origin pull setup? This article highlight the most important steps to successfully configure a Pull Zone in the KeyCDN dashboard.

The Pull Zone

A Pull Zone, also known as origin pull, gets all static assets from your website. It is not required to manually upload your files because KeyCDN starts to cache the files automatically. You could clear the cache in the dashboard if you update your assets.

The 5 Steps to Your CDN Configuration

  1. Sign up for a free trial account: Register a KeyCDN account
  2. Navigate to “Zones” to add a new zone
  3. Enter a “Zone Name”, select “Zone Type” Pull and enable “GZip” compression
  4. Pull Zone Part 1
    Enter the “Origin URL” of your website.
  5. Pull Zone Part 2
    Click on the “Add” button to save the new zone.

The settings are active within 5 minutes. Test your configuration with some of your static assets, such as images. Get your Zone URL from the KeyCDN dashboard in the Zones overview page (URL column).

Here an example:

Origin URL: http://www.keycdn.com/img/logo.png

Zone URL: http://website-7.kxcdn.com/img/logo.png

Check the HTTP response header if your assets have been successfully cached:

X-Cache: HIT from website-7.kxcdn.com
5 Simple Steps to Configure Your CDN was last modified: June 8th, 2016 by Martin O'Neil
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