PostCSS – Transforming Your CSS with JavaScript


When it comes to CSS, there are always new tools being introduced to help us transform styles in a more fast and efficient manner. In 2013, PostCSS was released but it wasn’t until mid-2015 when a lot of buzz really started to take place in the development community around PostCSS. Today, in 2018, PostCSS is still widely used in the development community and the project itself is still actively maintained by a large community of contributors.

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Kubernetes Tutorial – an Introduction to the Basics

kubernetes tutorial

Google created Kubernetes to help developers better manage their containerized applications across clusters. Although a beta version was released in 2014, the first stable release of Kubernetes was just made available in September 2018. The following Kubernetes tutorial will cover the basic architecture and uses for this popular new tool.

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40+ Best Web Development Blogs of 2018

web development blogs

In the world of web development, those who become experts usually do so by learning from their predecessors. Reading and following the right web development blogs makes it much easier to get a solid education. That’s why in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top web development blogs that will help you find your footing and acquire essential skills in modern web dev.

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KeyCDN Launches TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT Support

keycdn launches tls 1.3

It has been quite some time since TLS underwent a major update. TLS 1.2 was defined in RFC 5246 10 years ago, back in August 2008. Now, 10 years later a faster, stronger, and more reliable version of TLS has been released. Today we’re very excited to announce that KeyCDN has officially launched TLS 1.3 support for all customers. This brings with it some exciting benefits which we will discuss throughout this article.

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DDoS Protection – Why It is Needed Now More Than Ever

ddos protection

In 2018 the internet has seen some of the largest DDoS attacks ever. Unfortunately, as the web rapidly evolves, so do the number of DDoS attacks and hackers with malicious intent. For a lot of larger companies, fending off new attacks has almost become a normal routine now has they have to constantly stay vigilant. Compared to a few years ago, it is more important now than ever to have a DDoS protection plan in place before this happens. If your website goes down this gives new users a bad first impression and can affect a variety of other things including loss of revenue, customer loyalty, your overall reputation as a company, and even employee morale.

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A Collection of the Best Text Editors in 2018

best text editors

All Windows and Mac machines have basic text editors, but TextEdit and Notepad aren’t sufficient for serious web developers. Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives. Below is a roundup of the best text editors in 2018 including free and premium options.

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Popular Vim Commands – a Comprehensive Vim Cheatsheet

vim commands

Vim was made available in 1991 and is a free, open source software. Available both as a command line interface and as a standalone program with a GUI, Vim is a text editor that is a modal version of the vi editor created for Unix in the 1970s; Vim stands for vi improved. While it was designed with Unix in mind, versions of it are available for most operating systems and Vim is also available for Android and iOS smartphones.

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Tips for Improving CSS and JS Animation Performance

animation performance

Custom animations can help a website stand out among the competition, but poorly optimized assets can lead to performance issues that ultimately drive away users. If any of your animations render at less than 60 frames per second, then your visitors will notice, and the user experience will suffer. This guide explains how to keep your CSS and JavaScript animations running smoothly for everyone.

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18 Tips on How to Speed Up WordPress

speed up wordpress

WordPress is an amazing CMS platform, but it can also be quite slow if not optimized correctly. In this guide, we will show you how to speed up WordPress by sharing our web performance strategies and recommendations.

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