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Improving PHP Performance for Web Applications

php performance

Programmers love the latest version of PHP because it’s one of the faster scripting languages (check out our PHP 7 vs HHVM post), but maintaining optimal performance requires more than quickly executing code. The best tool for improving PHP performance isn’t any individual program; it’s knowing which problems to look for and how to address them. This guide will cover everything you need to know to ensure that your PHP applications always run smoothly.

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10 Essential Benefits of Responsive Web Design

benefits of responsive web design

Responsive web design simply means making websites that can adapt to the size of the visitor’s viewport. The goal is for content to render differently depending on the device or screen size so that visitors have an optimal experience no matter how they access a website. The primarily benefit of responsive web design is that sites load quickly without any distortions, so users don’t need to manually resize anything to view content.

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Agile Web Development – a Comprehensive Overview

agile web development

On top of learning how to work with complex software, aspiring web developers need to know how to function as part of a professional team. Software development methodology is its own field of study with a unique lexicon, and one of the most important concepts that budding developers should familiarize themselves with is agile web development.

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Back End vs Front End Web Development – Exploring Both Sides

back end vs front end

Aspiring web developers often don’t know where to begin when it comes to learning the skills they need to pursue their dreams. Listed requirements for web development jobs are wide and varied, and with so many programming languages, web development tools, and methodologies out there, it’s no wonder that some newcomers may feel overwhelmed. However, for those who are new to the world of web development, it’s important to understand the differences that exist between frontend vs backend web development.

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KeyCDN Launches Brotli Support


At KeyCDN , we’re happy to announce that the next generation of file compression support is here! That’s right, as of today (February 16, 2017) the option to enable Brotli support has been rolled out to all KeyCDN customers at no extra cost.

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The Building Blocks of Website Architecture

website architecture

Website architecture is a term referring to the essential structure and planning that must go into building a website. Like a large building, such as a skyscraper, you can’t start at the top. You have to start at the bottom and build up.

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HTML vs HTML5 – What’s the Difference?

html vs html5

Hyper Text Markup Language, better known simply as HTML, is the standard language used for building websites. Like everything else in the tech world, HTML has evolved immensely since its inception in the late 1980s. Those who are new to coding should familiarize themselves with its latest incarnation – HTML5. But having a thorough understanding of the language’s evolution can give both budding and veteran coders some perspective on the past, present, and future of web development.

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Choosing the Best FTP Client In 2017

best ftp client

While most web hosting dashboards try to make managing files as straightforward as possible, a good file transfer protocol client can help simplify the job for serious web developers. Furthermore, there are certain cases where a solid FTP client is required such as the case when uploading data to a KeyCDN push zone. FTP clients allow users to quickly download, upload or update website files without having to navigate endless dialog boxes.

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