Benefits of CDN

CDN benefits include performance, scalability, security and reliability.

Faster Website

Your data is stored around the globe. Shorter distance to users will not only reduce latency but also minimize packet loss. All these factors will result in a much better performance. We provide you the best CDN performance.


Scale seamlessly to a level that is right for you. You don't need to pick a package or subscription which is eventually too small or too big. Keep your existing infrastructure and simply offload all traffic to our network.


KeyCDN offers industry-leading encryption standards. We make it easy for you to setup and configure security settings. Security changes are globally deployed within minutes.


Requests are always routed to the nearest available location. If one server is not available, requests are automatically sent to the next available server. The user will not notice any change.

Speed up for an exceptional user experience.

Get the content closer to your customers.

Benefits of CDN


Use our content distribution network not just for web sites. Deliver any kind of content: podcasts, software distribution, videos, game or as WordPress CDN.

Save Money

To lower your OPEX is one of the important CDN benefits. You can cut costs significantly if you use our network compared to most traditional web hosts and even other CDNs.

User Experience

As your content will be delivered much faster, you will improve the user experience significantly. Users are not as patient anymore as they used to be.


Page speed is a key factor when it comes to page ranking. Most search engines consider the page loading time in their formulas.