High Performance

We accelerate your content. You can scale easily and you don't need to worry about traffic spikes. Content will always be served from the nearest location.

Lower Costs

Get the best value for the money. We offer competitive prices. Our pricing is pay-as-you-go. You don't need to buy any packages or subscriptions.

Global Network

Take advantage of our global infrastructure to accelerate content delivery. Integration into your existing infrastructure is easy and fast.

Solid Security

We provide the security features you need. Secure your website without drawbacks on performance or configuration.

KeyCDN is a powerful and easy to use Content Delivery Network (CDN) made to satisfy your needs!
Speed up your games, software delivery, advertisements, CMS, websites and many more.

Why you need a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (or Content Distribution Network) is a system of strategically positioned servers around the globe. These servers maintain and accelerate your content. The main goals of a CDN are about speed, scalability and high-availability. A request from a user will always be routed to the nearest point of presence (POP). User’s distance to these servers has an impact on loading time. A closer and highly performing POP will significantly improve user experience as a result of reduced loading time, lower latency and minimized package loss. A Content Delivery Network will also cut the operational cost and makes it easy to scale seamlessly without extra effort. We supercharge your content delivery whether it’s a game, software or any other web data.

Software delivery or software distribution is a distinctive task that most companies outsource because of its complexity. The core business, like adding new features or meeting deadlines is already challenging enough. Managing and maintaining your own infrastructure to support the logistics of updating and distributing your product might be a vast and expensive burden. Software distribution has its own set of needs and challenges from integrity and speed to the necessity for massive scale. We engineered our content delivery platform with these considerations in mind. Our strategically positioned POPs supercharge your software delivery and our global load balancing will route your end client to download your software from the closest server. Our security features ensure your intellectual property is distributed only to those clients you've granted access. Therefore, when that crucial software update required to be pushed to millions of end devices, you can count on us as we've architected a global network with the scale, capacity and features to deliver your software around the globe. You can concentrate on building your software - and we'll assure on delivering it to your customers fast, secured and instantly at the moment you're ready for deployment.

Games can go viral quickly and your servers are busy 24x7. Being in this great situation where your game is getting more popular than ever also introduces some challenges regarding how to deliver the game content. In this kind of situation, you are going to be more than busy making sure everything goes smooth. You want to continuously enhance, improve and add more levels to your game. A fast game delivery is important to further increase your user base and keep the players happy. Many users will quit the game if it doesn’t load within a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, leaving an outstanding and unique online game experience in order to sustainably attract new and existing players. Traditional web servers are going to reach their limitation and creating your own global distribution platform cost time and money. Reinventing the wheel does not make sense. Our gaming delivery platform lets you supercharge your game content on our network within minutes, ensuring the best performance for players worldwide. A lag-free, reliable and real-time gaming experience will grow your user base and keep them playing. KeyCDN’s architecture is ready to immediately accelerate your games. Our CDN will deliver game content at super-fast speeds.

KeyCDN is your trusted Content Delivery Network.